Things I’ve learned since I came out of the closet.

I remember when I came out of the closet. It was actually quite an uneventful profession that, in hindsight, left a lot to be desired. You usually hear the story of how the closeted person toils over the decision to announce that they are a part of the rainbow nation. Tales of how they are … Continue reading Things I’ve learned since I came out of the closet.

Coffee: Zoe Chapter 6

  She sat across from me, her almond eyes seemed a shade darker than I remembered. Stirring her drink, she stared out of the window. I watched as her nose wrinkled when she brought the cup to her lips, same as she’d always done. I handed her the sugar dispenser as I knew this would … Continue reading Coffee: Zoe Chapter 6

Who told you that?

There are so many stereotype's about lesbians that I almost didn't know where to begin. I did a couple of web searches while trying to do research for this post and it seems that everyone is addressing the exact same stereotypes as if there aren't a plethora untruths to unfurl. I'm not claiming to be … Continue reading Who told you that?

Who turned me gay?

The earliest memory I have of my sexuality is from when I was maybe 7 years old. My foster mom had dropped me off with the sitter so that her and her best friend could go on a shopping trip. I imagine my mom and her friend hadn't even made it to the end of … Continue reading Who turned me gay?