Get in my belly!

I've been eating my feelings. I feel myself slowly slipping back into depression and I can't stand it! Some days I wish I was still a smoker or at the very least a drinker. Both of which were my self medications of choice. Since deciding that I want to live longer, I've been trying to … Continue reading Get in my belly!

…opportunistic switch hitter.

So here I am minding my own damn business, entertaining myself with other people's business, when I came across the topic of today's rant. Switch hitting black men. The post I read was created by a family member of mine. For the sake of anonymity we will call him Jason. A black gay man. Now, … Continue reading …opportunistic switch hitter.

My favorite Tuesday this week!

It really is the simple things that bring people the most joy. Having the forethought to lay out my war gear the night before truly helped get me out of the door in a timely fashion this morning. With the extra time I had, I decided to go for a coffee run to jump start … Continue reading My favorite Tuesday this week!

…*raises hand, present…

I got dressed for work and rushed through the house trying not to become any more late than I already was. I ignored my phone ringing on the kitchen counter as I hurriedly prepared my lunch and breakfast for the day. Plastic grocery store bag filled to capacity with Tupperware perfectly portioned for the days … Continue reading …*raises hand, present…