I’ve been M.I.A

You know I love you right? I would never do anything to intentionally hurt you. I'm trying to be better I promise, I am. I'm starting to feel like a fuckboy. I keep promising that I'm going to get better with posting everyday. Yet everyday presents a new set of hurdles that prevent me from … Continue reading I’ve been M.I.A

Sunday @ Hamburger Mary’s

So I got a text today that changed my life! My friend Alysia invited my wife and I to have lunch with her at Hamburger Mary's. Not knowing what the place was, I googled it. Glancing briefly at the website I figured the place was gay and lesbian friendly. I assumed that the serving staff … Continue reading Sunday @ Hamburger Mary’s

The ice cream social

I spent the majority of my day working on editing and rewrites of Coffee and ended up swapping out Chapter 2. Every article I've read so far has warned me this would happen so at least I'm not surprised by it. I got so wrapped up in the momentum I'd finally picked up working on … Continue reading The ice cream social