Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for her. Lesbian Edition.

Valentine's Day is quickly approaching and so is the anxiety of trying to find the perfect gift for that special lady in your life. If you are anything like me, I always tend to struggle a bit when it comes time for me to find the perfect gift for the love of my life. As … Continue reading Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for her. Lesbian Edition.

The Lion and the twins

I'm a Gemini. As Gemini as any Gemini could ever be. I am communicative, outgoing, high spirited, sociable and restless. It takes me longer than most people to come to a decision about anything because I have this uncontrollable need to fully vet all possible outcomes before I move forward. This sometimes results in my … Continue reading The Lion and the twins

Coffee: Zoe Chapter 6

  She sat across from me, her almond eyes seemed a shade darker than I remembered. Stirring her drink, she stared out of the window. I watched as her nose wrinkled when she brought the cup to her lips, same as she’d always done. I handed her the sugar dispenser as I knew this would … Continue reading Coffee: Zoe Chapter 6

Why did I get married?

'Cause, I ain't have shit better to do, that's why! Let me stop playing. I could sit here and say I got married for some hetero- normative reason. I could say I got married because of some hallmark card bullshit, but the truth of the matter is... We had already been in a committed relationship … Continue reading Why did I get married?

Target practice

Warning: This post will be discussing race. If you are sensitive to the topic or can not handle reading about someone else's experience without feeling personally attacked, this is not for you. I repeat, this is my experience, not an attack on any person. Like so many people, I quit my last job because of … Continue reading Target practice