Does Straight Pride need to be a thing?

STRAIGHT PRIDE? Photo by Rosemary Ketchum on What would that look like? I’m quite literally asking, what that would look like. Every year around the time for LGBTQ Pride some heterosexual group rears its head calling for the need for a Straight pride event and you have to wonder why this happens every year … Continue reading Does Straight Pride need to be a thing?

Things I’ve learned since I came out of the closet.

I remember when I came out of the closet. It was actually quite an uneventful profession that, in hindsight, left a lot to be desired. You usually hear the story of how the closeted person toils over the decision to announce that they are a part of the rainbow nation. Tales of how they are … Continue reading Things I’ve learned since I came out of the closet.

Bitch, say what?

I am so sick and tired of the narrative that members of the LGBT community, pro-choicers, and liberals are the problem with this country. It seems any time I tune into the news there's some new jackass spewing intolerance, hatred, and calling for a mass eradication of people who's only crime was to have the … Continue reading Bitch, say what?


I'm HIV negative. How about you? When was the last time you were tested for HIV and AIDS? Was it this year? I shouldn't need to, or have to, go into a full dissertation about the importance of getting tested regularly. After all, things aren't nearly like they were in the 80's when information about … Continue reading Status:

YouTube: LGBT Top faves!

Adrian Xpression A social justice warrior who will stop at nothing to make sure that minorities get the representation they need in this society. He holds a graduate degree in communication and as a black, gay male he offers a unique perspective on pop culture, current events, and politics that can be found nowhere else! … Continue reading YouTube: LGBT Top faves!