12 years a wife

It's our anniversary! For twelve years I have had the luxury of calling this woman my wife. In our time together we have shared so many things. We've been through so many phases. You remember the baggy clothes phase? The yep in my white tee phase? Happy crunchy and black phase? We've celebrated together. We've … Continue reading 12 years a wife

7 Things I’ve learned in my 10 year relationship.

Tre and I have spent a decade together. We met when we were in our early twenties, at the time where neither of us really knew who we were yet. We definitely didn't know that this is where we would wind up all these years later. In addition to her being my very best friend … Continue reading 7 Things I’ve learned in my 10 year relationship.

They can’t all be winners

So far, I'd like to think I've painted a pretty sweet picture of being married for you. I've talked a little about the in's and out of our relationship and I've even given you some reasons why I love my wife to pieces. However. We ain't exempt from the fuckery that is marriage. (Yeah, I … Continue reading They can’t all be winners