5 reasons why I love being black, lesbian, and married.

Who doesn't wanna be black (unless you don't)? What, with our gorgeously unique hair, popping skin, cultural contributions, and natural affinity for improving everything we touch, I wouldn't want to be any other race. The look on traditionalists faces when I reach for my wife's hand in public or plant a juicy kiss on her … Continue reading 5 reasons why I love being black, lesbian, and married.

The Oath

Yesterday Afternoon... She'd walked into the house after work carrying the same energy she'd left with this morning. So instead of greeting her, I sat quietly working on my book as she began the mundane task of unpacking her lunch bag. After being together this long I've learned what signs to look for before I go … Continue reading The Oath

The lesbians.

I hate my wife. There I said it. There's only really two times a day when I'm happy to see her. When she brings me food and when it's time for bed. Other than that... But don't feel sorry for her. She knows that I hate her and she's perfectly okay with it because, you see, … Continue reading The lesbians.