In this world…

So I watched a video today on YouTube entitled Amanda Seales' Guide to Fuckboys and I LIVED through it. In her homegirl to homegirl breakdown of what makes a fuckboy, I couldn't help but laugh through some of her descriptions. Now I don't have much experience with fuckboys, or any really, that I can … Continue reading In this world…

Black Tax

Urban dictionary defines black tax as the extra money that middle class black people are expected to give every month to support their less fortunate or less accomplished family, even to the detriment of their own household.  It is also defined as, the notion that black people have to work and perform regular tasks twice as … Continue reading Black Tax

Sex. Confidence.

I say to myself and anyone else who will hear it, I am fucking gorgeous. I'm the shit. Look at her, and her, and all of them. Yep, I'm flyer than every woman walking this planet because I'm bomb ASF and not one person on this earth can be me like me. I've actually said this … Continue reading Sex. Confidence.

20 Questions

Since Nidra Not Nice introduced me to the podcast The Read I've been hooked. Every Wednesday I log on to Souncloud to recap the previous week's episode before the new one drops on Thursday's. I'm usually pretty good about keeping my schedule but I missed last weeks episode. I had some time today so I … Continue reading 20 Questions

Why did I get married?

'Cause, I ain't have shit better to do, that's why! Let me stop playing. I could sit here and say I got married for some hetero- normative reason. I could say I got married because of some hallmark card bullshit, but the truth of the matter is... We had already been in a committed relationship … Continue reading Why did I get married?