Today has been quite possibly the best day of my recent adult life. I started today by waking up when I felt like waking up. There was no subliminal unconscious alarm clock that set me into motion today. There wasn't some nagging obligation in the back of my mind motivating me to sleep light enough … Continue reading Saturday

Unconscious Spirituality?

Does such a thing exist? Can you be an energy warrior unknowingly? Universal forces have been working in my house. This conversation keeps coming up. Spirituality vs. Religion. Being low vibration vs. Being high vibration. Energy vampires. Karma. reincarnation. Deeper meaning conversations seem to be all that I am having recently. So I've been put … Continue reading Unconscious Spirituality?

Come and Gone – Day 2

As soon as I woke up yesterday the first thing I did was roll over and reach for my phone. I desperately want to say I had done so to check the time but, honesty must prevail and so I admit, it was to check social media. It took me a few minutes to remember … Continue reading Come and Gone – Day 2