Everybody Poops — Ruff Off The Cuff

Get your shit together, people. Today we’re going to talk pooping. Ready? All primed and good to go? Excellent! So I recently read this book. Yay for me, right? Yeah. Piss off, smarty-pants. I’m not going to tell you the name of this book because then this becomes a review and this isn’t the place […] … Continue reading Everybody Poops — Ruff Off The Cuff

Sex. Confidence.

I say to myself and anyone else who will hear it, I am fucking gorgeous. I'm the shit. Look at her, and her, and all of them. Yep, I'm flyer than every woman walking this planet because I'm bomb ASF and not one person on this earth can be me like me. I've actually said this … Continue reading Sex. Confidence.