Is love a choice?

Tumblr always has the best little thought nuggets that inspire. I came across this post today: And now I'm thinking back over every time that I have felt love and shared the feeling. Have I been making conscious decisions to love every person, place, or thing, that I've loved? According to psychologists, love is a … Continue reading Is love a choice?

And the beat goes on – Day 4

Hands down. Yesterday was the hardest day for me so far. I thought I had this no social media thing down but oh boy was I wrong. Our new management office is finally out of construction and yesterday was moving day. For some reason I thought moving day would be a good day to do … Continue reading And the beat goes on – Day 4

It’s a beggars world

I just read something on Tumblr that has me... I don't even know... It was a post about two women who met on the internet and fell in love. The problem for the two of them is that they live a considerable distance apart from each other. The narrator of the blog post goes on … Continue reading It’s a beggars world