Hear me roar!

Guess who hit the gym today, for the first time in a week? This girl! It felt INCREDIBLE! I was still nervous and hesitant getting back into my cardio heavy routine since I just got cleared from the dentist yesterday but today was amazing! The first machine I got on was my old buddy the … Continue reading Hear me roar!

Gym Act 2: Back in the habit

"You're one of the lucky ones" the dentist said to me before launching into his full on assault plan for my mouth. I went to the dentist Friday because of a cavity in one of my wisdom teeth and I wanted to go ahead and get it pulled. After all it's an extra tooth so... … Continue reading Gym Act 2: Back in the habit

I got energy, got a lot of energy…

What is up beautiful people?! For a Tuesday, I have a lot of energy and focus. I'm bright eyed, bushy tailed, and full of positive energy and I have only one thing to thank for that. The gym! My workouts had been very draining, tedious, and my least favorite time of day. For four days … Continue reading I got energy, got a lot of energy…


I've been going to the gym! Yay me, right? WRONG!! For as hard as I have been working out I've been eating up everything in sight. Let's take today for example. After crushing it in the gym last night and leaving 600 calories behind I went home and enjoyed a sensible dinner of about 300 … Continue reading DRUDGERY