Trouble, Trouble

I can't write. My focus is all over the place today. My eyes are burning and I feel like I want to take a nap. I know I should be working on Chapter 8 right now and to be fair, that is exactly what I'd sat down to  do. I opened up my word processor … Continue reading Trouble, Trouble

Not shit!

I'm sitting here feeling horrible because I promised myself I'd write something everyday, no excuses. I broke that promise right along with the one I'd made to go to the gym everyday. Instead of powering through the writers block I had, I decided to make spaghetti and sit on my ass all day yesterday. As … Continue reading Not shit!

The ice cream social

I spent the majority of my day working on editing and rewrites of Coffee and ended up swapping out Chapter 2. Every article I've read so far has warned me this would happen so at least I'm not surprised by it. I got so wrapped up in the momentum I'd finally picked up working on … Continue reading The ice cream social